The Armor of Light

The Armor of Light


导演: Abigail Disney / Kathleen Hughes

主演: Rob Schenck / Lucy McBath

类型: 纪录片

地区: 美国

语言: 英语

片长: 88分钟

上映时间: 2015-10-30

豆瓣得分: 暂无豆瓣评分

IMDb: tt4506722

  2015美国纪录片《The Armor of Light》由Abigail Disney导演,Rob Schenck主演,影片讲述的是:
What price conscience Abigail Disneys directorial debut THE ARMOR OF LIGHT follows the journey of an Evangelical minister trying to find the courage to preach about the growing toll of gun violence in America The film tracks Reverend Rob Schenck antiabortion activist and fixture on the political far right who breaks with or...[显示全部]thodoxy by questioning whether being progun is consistent with being prolife Reverend Schenck is shocked and perplexed by the reactions of his longtime friends and colleagues who warn him away from this complex politically explosive issue Along the way Rev Schenck meets Lucy McBath the mother of Jordan Davis an unarmed teenager who was murdered in Florida and whose story has cast a spotlight on Stand Your Ground laws McBath also a Christian decides to work with Schenck even though she is prochoice Lucy is on a difficult journey of her own trying to make sense of her devastating loss while using her grief to effect some kind of viable and

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